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Common Core and Military Families

Great Op-Ed in today's Washington Post on Common Core State Standards by Governor Jack Markell from Delaware supporting the work and clearly demonstrating that this is not a Federal takeover of education but a state driven process.  He dispels the other commonly held myth that Common Core is a curriculum - it is not and states are free to create their own or use any curriculum that meets the standards.

But we are really glad to see him highlight a group that will derive huge benefits from common core state standards - students from Military Families who move every few years. Instead of having no idea where 6th grade math is when you move from Norfolk to San Diego, a common set of standards means you should be able to get on track in a new school much faster than when states had different standards.

It is the same premise that drove business, education and military leaders to fund our college readiness program to focus on schools that serve military families - AP is a great equalizer and if you are in an AP Physics class in November and have to move, the AP Physics in the new location should be pretty much in the same place. 

Our Servicemembers should not have to worry about educating their children - they have enough to worry about serving our country and protecting us. Ensuring that their students receive the best, and most consistent, education no matter where they live is something we can and must provide.  

The Governor is right - "It’s time to focus on the difficult work that comes with effectively implementing higher standards across hundreds of thousands of classrooms." Teachers are read and need the resources to implement common core so they can ensure that every child has a chance to thrive in the knowledge economy. 

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