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AP Summer Institute Set to Take Place in Colorado

Helayne Jones was named President & CEO of the Colorado Legacy Foundation in March 2009. As the leader of this dynamic, growing organization, Jones draws on 15 years of expertise gained as an education consultant, her experience as a college professor, and her previous work as a marketing executive. Her consulting experience includes work with school districts and education foundations in Colorado and throughout the country to implement school reform by improving business processes in education systems. She also has extensive experience with private-sector and nonprofit organizations to facilitate strategic planning, board communications, and manage the impact of change.

Educators who recognize the critical importance of removing barriers that limit access to AP courses are working tirelessly, and far too often in isolation, to develop programs that engage all interested students in AP coursework.

This summer, the Colorado Legacy Foundation (CLF) will host the AP for All Summer Institute, the nation’s only College Board-certified summer institute focused upon strategies necessary for success in environments of true open enrollment.

The AP for All Summer Institute will take place July 15-18 in Denver, Colorado. This event is designed for Advanced Placement teachers who are committed to developing programs that offer all students the opportunity to engage in AP coursework.
This professional development opportunity provides educators with content, tools and strategies necessary to build enrollment and success in Advanced Placement Programs. In partnership with the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), the presenters of the AP for All Summer Institute will work with teachers to develop deeper content knowledge within their AP subjects and strategies for effectively reaching diverse student populations.

Sessions offered at the 2013 AP for All Summer Institute include:
·         AP English Language & Composition (new)
·         AP English Language & Composition (experienced)
·         AP English Literature (new)
·         AP English Literature (experienced)
·         AP Calculus AB (new)
·         AP Calculus AB (experienced)
·         AP Calculus BC
·         AP Statistics (new)
·         AP Statistics (experienced)
·         AP Biology (new)
·         AP Biology (experienced)
·         AP Chemistry (new)
·         AP Chemistry (experienced)
·         AP Environmental Science
·         AP Physics B 
Space is limited. Register by May 17th.
To learn more about the Colorado Legacy Foundation and to register for the AP for All Summer Institute, click here.