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Common Core Resource Access Tops 24,000

The traffic has not let up to the open resources for common core that have been posted on our website and we are getting great feedback from educators everywhere who are looking for common core lessons.  Over 24,000 visits to common core site and 12,000 visits to the common core lessons in just 3 weeks! Phenomenal response.
But we knew that - we are hearing from teachers everywhere that they are tired of hearing about the big shifts and want to know what they need to do in classroom to bring the new standards to life! That is no easy task and it is the reason that we have rapidly expanded our Teacher Training tied to college and career readiness to over 40 locations this summer.
Our goal is to train over 12,000 teachers this summer so that many more students can realize their career dreams by having the rigorous academic background to go into any profession.  With this kind of response, it looks like we will get there.