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Need Some Stem Inspiration?

Here at NMSI, we believe in results, so we understand that you want to see results! Experts estimate that our country will need 280,000 more math and science teachers by 2020. So what do we do? Our UTeach program produces teachers who are confident and competent in their subject matter. In fact, 88% of UTeach graduates go on to teach in Math and Science classrooms. UTeach will be able to produce more than 17,849 math and science teachers by 2022, providing a significant share of the national goal. The program promotes project-based learning, interactive and engaging lessons, and rigor in the classroom.  

At our special event yesterday at the Perot Museum of Science and Nature, awarding $1 million in challenge grants to 12 universities, North Texas STEM educators and students spoke about their personal experiences with the program.  I want to share those experiences with you and challenge you to begin transforming education. 

Stephanie Gutierrez, current UTeach student, Biology major and sophomore at the University of Texas at Arlington 

                “When I first learned about the UTeach program, I knew it was for me. UTeach inspired me to choose the teaching career path and immediately provided me with the resources and tools I needed to succeed in the program. UTeach has helped me make my dreams into real-life goals. This program provides me with a foundation for my future and I would encourage students to join the program.” 

Jennifer Valdez, current UTeach student, junior at the University of Texas at Dallas 

                “I always knew I wanted to be a math teacher, UTeach is helping me live out my dream. Many students think it’s hard and yes it is, but with the support this program provides you receive the tools you need to be successful. I encourage all STEM students to learn more about this program’s project-based learning, engaging in-classroom experiences, and outstanding master teachers that educate us through our educational journey.”  

John Mestyanek, Geometry teacher in the Dallas Independent School District, UTeach Dallas Student 

                “With support from the National Math and Science’s UTeach program I’m able to dive into project-based learning and am ahead of my colleagues because of the training that I received. I’m grateful for my experience with the UTeach program.” 

Amiee Himler, Math teacher at Richardson High School, UTeach graduate 

                “The UTeach program instills leadership and everyone in the program wants to constantly learn and be a student. “ 

La Keisha Leonard, Algebra I and Algebra II teacher at Hillcrest High School, Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics at the University of North Texas  

                “I have fun all day, I’m passionate about my work as a teacher, and I have the opportunity to engage and interact with students. The UTeach master teachers are my family, mentors and cheerleaders. We need great teachers.” 

Cole Wilkinson, senior at the University of North Texas  

               “UTeach allows me experiences I can talk about with students. I have a great relationship with my master teacher and I’m always learning.” 

Brittany Robins, Interdisciplinary Studies, junior at the University of Texas at Arlington

“It’s so competitive in the math department. UTeach encourages me to enjoy teaching, provides me with teacher lessons, and most importantly gives me a team that wants to see me succeed.” 

Cody Fults, Biology major, junior at the University of Texas at Arlington 

“Science is engaging! They promote teachers that love science and are well prepared to make a student successful.” 

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