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Presidential Award in Science, Math, and Engineering Mentoring Open for Nominations

At NMSI, we know firsthand the powerful impact that mentoring and training can have on both students and instructors in STEM education. It is important to continue the efforts to increase success in math and science across all demographics. Of course, that would not be possible without the energies of many passionate supporters across the U.S.
NMSI would like to encourage you to nominate an individual or organization for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM).
PAESMEM was established by the White House in 1995 to recognize excellence in mentoring groups that are underrepresented in STEM, including: women, people with disabilities, underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities, as well as individuals from low socio-economic backgrounds and some geographic regions such as urban and rural areas.
Nominees must be affiliated with a U.S. corporation, educational institution or agency, military or government agency, non-profit organization, or foundation and have five or more years of demonstrated exceptional mentoring in STEM.
Each Individual and Organizational PAESMEM awardee will receive a $10,000 award and a commemorative Presidential certificate. Awardees are also invited to participate in an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. which includes meetings with STEM education, research, and policy leaders. Up to sixteen awards may be made from the nominations received by June 5, 2013.
Visit the National Science Foundation website for more information on the nomination process and eligibility criteria.