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AMAZING Success for Dallas ISD

It is not often that we celebrate academic achievement in this country - and it usually comes in second to sports in Texas. But today in the Dallas Morning News, the O'Donnell Foundation recognizes the amazing work that NMSI's Comprehensive AP Program has accomplished for students.  More importantly, they list out the teachers that have believed that all students can succeed and pushed them to take more rigorous courses and succeed. The results clearly show that NMSI is closing the achievement gap in DISD especially as it relates to STEM and college preparation.  Please go to our special section nms.org/DISD to find out more - but the main impact is -
Since the program’s inception, passing scores in AP math, science and English in Dallas ISD have increased by 527%.  Passing scores for African American and Hispanic students have increased by 1415%.
We thank all who have supported this program and especially thank the O'Donnell Foundation for taking the time and resources to thank the many teachers that make this program such an amazing success!!