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Teacher Training and Beyond Getting Ready for the New School Year

Over this summer, NMSI has played host to thousands of dedicated teachers across the nation in our rigorous Teacher Training Program. We have greatly enjoyed helping these incredible educators raise the level of excellence in their classrooms to help prepare their students for the demands of college and beyond, and our trainers have had an absolute blast working with them as well.
“[The teachers] may not be sure of where the material they’re teaching fits into the big picture; so this [training] is more about the big picture. What are the connections from grade-level to grade-level, how does the idea develop as the student moves through the different grades.” – Melissa Parma, Math Trainer.
Our most recent training in Pharr, Texas, has been one of our largest training events in America, where more than 400 teachers came together to learn new rigorous, active, and hands-on strategies to help their students become more excited and engaged in the learning process. To see more about it, check out the great video coverage from local CBS station KGBT Action 4 News.
We are so proud of these teachers, and we can’t wait to hear about the success they will surely have throughout the new school year due to the training they’ve received this summer – but we’re not only offering summer trainings! If you are interested in NMSI’s Teacher Training Program, we will be hosting Year 1 trainings, and STAAR specific trainings, in the Dallas area this fall, starting in October.
We wish the best of luck to all of our teachers – and even those who haven’t attended our training – as you enter the new school year.