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Texas Teachers and STAAR New Resources for Student Success

School’s already back for some and there are many things on the minds of parents, teachers, and students, but one thing in particular seems to stand out the most in Texas schools – STAAR.
Despite the fact that the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exams are still farther down the line, hundreds of Texas teachers came together to learn new strategies that are aligned with the assessment.Their training, hosted by NMSI, is designed to help them raise the level of rigor in their classrooms through engaging, hands-on lessons and activities that make the learning process new and real for the students.
And to further help our Texas teachers, the Texas Education Agency, for the first time, has made public a handful of lessons and questions that are from the state tests. These STAAR resources are a tremendous help for not only Texas educators, but also the parents and students who are wanting to become more familiar with how the new STAAR exams are designed and work.
This is the third year for the STAAR exam, and NMSI is dedicated to helping students and teachers across the state of Texas meet the level of excellence expected of them. To do this, we are offering one-day STAAR trainings that will be held in our Dallas offices this fall. These compact trainings will provide teachers with additional support and resources get students STAAR ready.
We wish all of our teachers from Texas – and from across the nation – the very best of luck this year as they educate the future generation of scholars and workers! What you do is vital to our nation’s success, and we couldn't be more proud and honored to help.