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The Hour of Code is Here Join the Largest Learning Event in History

There is a widening gap in America's workforce in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Many of our current STEM professionals are nearing retirement, and fewer and fewer students are actively pursuing STEM degrees and careers, such as engineering or coding. Recognizing this immediate STEM crisis, the Computing in the Core coalition and Code.org joined forces to create the Computer Science Education Week, an annual program dedicated to raising student and societal awareness of the importance of computer science education. A centerpiece of this national event is the Hour of Code, an interactive online initiative developed by Code.org to get students excited about coding and computer science, and already more than 1.4 million students have already done their Hour of Code, with millions more pre-registered.  NMSI fully supports the Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code. It is critical for our students to be trained and prepared for the knowledge economy, which is what these initiatives are aiming to do.
Code.org and all the partners behind Computer Science Education Week encourage students, parents, and educators worldwide to engage in computer science. Take a 1 hour course online. Or host it in your classroom. Or ask your school to offer computer science to your children.
Experience an Hour of Code at Code.org!  
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