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NMSI'S Colorado Schools Rocking!

Great article on the progress of our National Math and Science Initiative program for schools with a large number of students from military families. Those 3 schools in Colorado account for just 1% of the total high schools in the state but over 19% of the increase in math, science and English AP passing! We are rockin' it in the Rockies! 
"Widefield High School, Mesa Ridge High School, and Fountain-Fort Carson High School represent just more than 1 percent of the schools in Colorado giving AP exams, yet they accounted for 19 percent of the growth in passing scores statewide, said Dr. Helayne Jones, president and CEO of the Colorado Legacy Foundation"

Read more: http://www.gazette.com/articles/school-151509-colorado-three.html#ixzz2M308uKF3