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Teaching Careers - Find The Right Position

I had a great call with Alicia Herald from myEDmatch about her site and what they are going to accomplish in teaching. NMSI is busy replicating the UTeach program that recruits math and science majors to become teachers.  One of the things we wanted to do was to make sure that those teachers went to the schools that best suited their needs and myEDmatch can really help our teachers find the right school. 
She sent me the below on her site: 
"myEDmatch is a new matchmaking employment website that brings together best-fit teachers and schools. It's like online dating for teaching jobs. Teachers and schools with shared missions and beliefs get matched up based on an online beliefs assessment.  Teacher profiles are designed as digital resume and virtual portfolio to help better highlight their skills through video, sample work documents, trackers, and photos.
myEDmatch is designed to empower teachers in the job search process because this is about more than just finding any job, it’s about find the right fit.  myEDmatch is free for teachers and launches across the country in February. Teachers can sign-up at www.myEDmatch.com

The interesting thing from our discussion was that when she asked teachers what questions they asked about a school before accepting a job she was told teachers did not do that. She was told teachers should just ask where to sign the contract.  Her site is a pretty massive paradigm shift for teachers - to really research the school, the administration, the opportunities and even  the resources for great teaching before accepting a job.  
Dallas ISD is one of the early adopters so it would be great for UTeach teachers to find the right jobs from DISD.  They are going to work on adding a UTeach designation so that if a school wants UTeach teachers, they can find them!!  This is really the future of teaching careers - going to the school that is the right fit for you.