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Common Core

Whether you are just beginning to think about the new standards or you are already working with them, LTF is ready to help you. Through our teacher-to-training, classroom-ready resources linked to the Common Core State Standards, and our other services, we can help you become compliant with the new standards. As a nonprofit organization comprised of former classroom teachers and administrators, there is nothing we enjoy more than helping fellow educators. 

For a more in-depth look at LTF and the Common Core State Standards, read our white paper on how we integrate and use the standards to increase instructional rigor and raise the standard of academic excellence, visit our blog, and preview some sample lessons. To learn more or inquire about using LTF, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or email Jared Brueckner, VP of Business Development, at jared@ltftraining.org.

Comprehensive Teacher Training for Common Core Standards

LTF math and the CCSS LEVEL ONE
LTF math and the CCSS LEVEL TWO
LTF English and the CCSS LEVEL ONE
LTF English and the CCSS LEVEL TWO
LTF English and the CCSS LEVEL THREE

Sample Lessons
Math: Volumes of Revolution
Science: Hardy Har Har: Investigating the Hardy-Weinberg Principle
English: Putting It All Together: Tone Analysis "The Tell-Tale Heart" Foundation Lesson

NEW: Sample Assessments
Math: Area and Volume Assessment Activity
Science: Running the Stairs Assessment
English: Formative Assessments - Dickens' A Christmas Carol (Grade 8)