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Girls and women in STEM is definitely in vogue. Everyone is talking about how to promote STEM education to young girls. This year witnessed the advent of new toys that encourage girls to become more interested in engineering and other STEM related fields. For example, earlier this year two woman engineers introduced Roominate – a gender neutral toy intended to introduce circuits, problem solving, and spatial skills while creating a personalized house, restaurant or other structure. Make room in the toy chest because there is a new STEM gadget for girls on the market by GoldieBlox!
GoldieBlox is  a book series and construction set starring Goldie, the girl inventor who loves to build. According to the company website, “Goldie Blox is a female engineer. She loves to  construct things. Delightful things! Things that rotate and swivel and connect. Things that solve problems. Things that make the world a better place.”
Their new commercial has hit the web and it is pretty adorable.  Check it out here:
Of course, NMSI supports all students having access to a quality STEM education. To get students engaged, it is important to make a connection early on. A recent survey by the FCM Corporation indicates that their “scientists believe that curiosity (59.6 percent) and creativity (50 percent) are the most important traits for success in their field. In a similar vein, the majority of scientists (84.6 percent), teachers (79 percent), and parents (65.5 percent), said that curiosity is the most important trait for a science student.”
As we think of creative ways to promote early learning in STEM education, toys like these and other fun activities that promote problem solving skills will definitely help encourage students to not shy away from STEM subjects.