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State Policies on Common Core

As the timeline for Common Core State Standards draws closer to implementation, various stakeholders have been very vocal in their support or opposition for the standards. The big questions have been: Are students ready for Common Core? Are teachers ready for Common Core?  The debate has certainly been intense as educators and policy makers consider the implications of new benchmarks and assessments and the impact they will have on their schools.
Changes tend to be met with uncertainty and resistance, and it was no surprise that some state lawmakers were considering opting out of Common Core. So much so that it was viewed as a “Common Core Rebellion.”
This year, 8 states (Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania and South Dakota) proposed legislation to opt out of Common Core. Ultimately, only two states (Indiana and Michigan) actually passed legislation, according to Education Week. Indiana’s bill halted funding for implementation and requires further study of the standards, while Michigan’s legislation postponed implementation until further notice.
With the 2014-2015 school year just around the corner, the groundswell of debate will likely continue throughout the next year, but as it stands the overwhelming majority of states are still on board and committed to helping their schools and districts prepare for Common Core.