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All Majors need STEM

Here at NMSI we talk a lot about our goals as an organization and how it relates to STEM education. Are we here to create STEM professionals or should we just focus on ensuring that all students are STEM proficient?  There is a great article in the New York Times by Katie Bardaro of PayScale.com entitled "Numbers: Not Just for Math Majors Anymore" that absolutely nails the issue:
"That being said, not all college students have the interest or ability to major in a STEM field. Another possibility is to major in a non-STEM field, but take some analytically focused courses like economics or statistics. Many jobs that previously didn't require analytic thought or data handling now do, and arming yourself with these skills is one way to get a leg up in the labor market."
Love that quote. STEM careers pay a lot but every career demands analytic thought - the kind of thought that comes from a deep understanding of STEM subjects. So when states like our own state of Texas talk about eliminating critical things like 4 years of science and taking Algebra II - remember that every job will soon require much of what is taught in those subjec