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Learning Experiences & Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation week brings out so many encouraging and inspirational student success stories and results. Sarah Martinez Tucker, NMSI CEO, had gratifying statements on the ExxonMobil’s Perspectives Blog, In appreciation: Why teachers make all the difference:
“Exceptional teachers believe in us, keep us stimulated and push us to expect more of ourselves. At the National Math and Science, we work to help educators with teaching strategies and content knowledge – especially in math and science – in order to get students ready for college. “
Today, we’d like to say thank you to these NMSI Teacher Trainers of the Year: Bryan Box and Julie Stephenson.
Bryan Box, NMSI Teacher Trainer from Texas, shares his passion with other teachers and constantly provides great learning experiences. The engaging labs he prepares allows for conversations, questions, and resources that teachers can pass along to students in their classrooms.
“The most significant need that teachers have is to know that they make a real difference in the lives of their students,” said Mr. Box.
Julie Stephenson, NMSI Teacher Trainer from Louisiana, started teaching English in 2004 and understands first-hand the challenges and hard work it takes to be well prepared with rigorous and engaging coursework to make sure students are ready for college/work. 
“With my principal and secondary school supervisor’s support, I began a vertical alignment initiative in our school district, enlisted the help of math and science content area specialists, and included NMSI training as a vital component in shifting our teachers’ philosophy and improving their content knowledge and pedagogical approaches,” said Ms. Stephenson.
These expert teachers continue to provide support to their students and are transforming education.
Quick - Which came first the teacher or the student?