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Teachers Need Common Core Training

Interesting survey out from AFT on Common Core regarding teacher preparation for implementation. Here are the stats:
•75% of teachers approve of common core - note to policy people that teachers do really know what students need and even though this is a ton of work for teachers, they support the common core!
•74% of teachers are very worried or fairly worried that the assessments will begin before they have been able to fully align their instructional practice - this is what prompted AFT to call for a moratorium on the assessments until this can be fixed
•However - 57% say their districts are prepared - which at this point in the process is not bad
•72% have been provide none or very few common core resources (note to teachers click on the link to at least get to the very few side of things)
•Only 43% say they have received adequate teacher training in common core (note-the link will take you to outstanding training in common core for teachers)
While we understand concern with the assessments being right around the corner, our students cannot wait. They need the rigor these standards and assessments provide. The answer is to move forward AND get teachers the training and resources they need to succeed.