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Fort Worth ISD Teachers Thrilled About AP

NMSI has always maintained the belief that the most passionate people make the very best teachers, and that belief was reinforced today. Katherine and Brad have taught 3 and 6 years, respectively, but this school year marks the first time either of them have attempted to teach and AP course. However, they are each confident that they are more than ready for the challenge, thanks to the support and preparation NMSI’s teacher training program has provided.
Katherine, an AP Chemistry teacher at North Side High School, said that NMSI’s training was different from any other professional development she had previously been to, and that was largely because of the way her trainer approached the course material. Katherine was shown how to apply what she had learned and the resources she was given in her own classroom, and then how to explain it all to her students. In fact, she feels like all of the new resources are better enabling her to get her kids to the level of achievement that they need to be to pass their AP exams; she wants them to know exactly what to expect and feel confident so they can pass their AP exams; it’s just a matter of implementing the resources the right way in her classroom, and the NMSI training has showed her how to do so.
For Brad, an AP Biology teacher at Trimble Technical High School, the story is different, but similar. For him, the NMSI program puts more of an emphasis on the students doing the work at home, so it frees up a lot more time for the engaging labwork in the classroom. It’s been a refreshing experience for him, and he believes all of the resources and mentoring have been huge blessings; however, when it’s all said and done, the ones who are benefitting the most from NMSI are his students!!
We couldn’t be more excited for these teachers, nor could we agree more with their statements. The fact that NMSI’s Comprehensive AP Program has already positively impacted hundreds of schools across the nation is proof enough, and with the expected outcomes for these two schools, it’s no wonder Katherine and Brad are so thrilled! Expected goals and future celebrations:
•Over the next year, AP enrollment for all subjects is expected to increase by 26% at North Side, and 119% at Trimble Technical.
•North Side is expected to see passing AP math, science, and English scores rise by 320% over the next three years.
•Trimble Technical is expected to see passing AP math, science, and English scores rise by 163% over the same time period.
Below is a video from local FOX news station featuring the AP kick-off event held at North Side High School to celebrate the implementation of the program.

NMSI has every confidence that these two schools will excel at whatever they put their minds to, especially with such passionate teachers like Brad and Katherine, and we wish them the very best of luck this school year!
To learn more about NMSI’s Comprehensive AP Program, or our Teacher Training Program, click here.