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NMSI CEO Encourages Parents to Demand a Better Education for their Children

The last few days, NBC News has been hosting their fourth annual Education Nation Summit. Hundreds of the nation’s thought leaders and innovators have joined together to ask a single question – what does it take to ensure that American students are college- and career-ready? Among these prestigious leaders is NMSI’s CEO, Sara Martinez Tucker, who was recently interviewed by NBC Latino on why she wants all Hispanic parents “to be angry enough to demand the best for their kids.”
NMSI believes that all students in all schools should have equal access to rigorous courses and support from their teachers – especially in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
“You might say, ‘Why STEM?’” Tucker proposed, and it’s because she believes STEM is the best way to expand opportunities, increase skills, and promote innovation and growth in this country. To make this happen, she goes on to say that we must focus on three things:
1. We must ensure we have content rich teachers in all classrooms. Too many students are being taught by teachers who didn’t even major in math and science, and NMSI is closing this gap through our UTeach program.

2. We must transform our schools into centers of college and career readiness – and we’re doing this right now with incredible success through our rigorous teacher training and comprehensive AP programs.

3. We must get more of our students – especially minority students – in the STEM pipeline. America is in a STEM crisis, despite the fact that some of the fastest growing and highest paid jobs are in STEM fields. We must prepare our students to enter this workforce by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to succeed.