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AP Success Sweeps Across Indiana Schools

We’ve already seen amazing AP results in states such as Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, and now we’re thrilled to announce the results for our Indiana schools! We partnered with Indiana’s AP-TIP IN program, and we couldn’t be more proud of all of the students and teachers who earned these achievements. Congratulations to all of you for your dedication and hard work. Now, on to the results!

◾NMSI is currently present in 9 Indiana high schools, and in their first year, the number of passing AP math, science, and English scores increased by 66%, compared to 8.9% in the rest of the state, and 7.2% nationally.
◾For just math and science, the number of passing AP scores increased by an incredible 114%, compared to 16.2%, and just 8.2% nationally.
◾The number of passing AP math and science scores was even better for females; 166%, compared to 25% in the state, and 8.3% nationally.
◾For minority students, the number of passing AP scores in math, science, and English increased by 119%, compared to 14.3% across the state, and 14.1% nationally.
◾And as if these rates couldn’t get any higher, the number of passing AP scores for minority students in only math and science increased by a phenomenal 294%, compared to 31.8% in the rest of the state, and 16.2% nationally.
These results are absolutely incredible and we are so excited to share such spectacular success with you – especially the success we’ve had with minority students. Our nation is facing a STEM crisis, and Indiana is not immune. In this state alone, only 11.7% of African Americans, and 17.3% of Hispanics, graduate college in four years – and out of all the degrees awarded to all students, only 11.9% are in STEM fields, and only 3.8% and 2.4% are earned by African American and Hispanics, respectively.
But NMSI is closing the gap. We are equipping more and more students each year with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful after they graduate from high school. These students are graduating with college credit, reducing the need for remediation – which currently plagues 64% of Indiana’s community college freshmen, costing the state over $16 million per year – and saving them expensive tuition fees. Our program works, and its success will only continue to grow. In fact, this year alone we have expanded to 11 new schools, and we expect more and more schools to join the movement when they see these results.
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Congratulations again to all of the teachers and students in our Indiana schools! We can’t wait to see how well you do this year!
Google Author: Timothy Huneycutt