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Alabama Earns Amazing AP Achievements

Autumn has officially fallen this year, but AP scores across the country continue to soar. NMSI partnered with A+ College Ready, and the results of our Alabama schools are simply shooting through the roof! We partnered with A+ College Ready to provide teachers and students with the best, most comprehensive AP program available, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal!
 ◾The average first year increase in qualifying math, science, and English AP scores was 101% compared to 16.7% in the rest of Alabama schools, and 7.2% nationally.
◾For only math and science, the increase was even greater: 110%, compared to 16.9% in Alabama, and 8.2% nationally.
◾For female students, the average first year increase in qualifying math and science AP scores was 106%, compared to 19.9% in the rest of the state, and 8.3% nationally.
◾And over the life of NMSI’s Comprehensive AP Program, the average increase in qualifying AP scores is 188% - that’s 8 times the national average!

These incredible results prove that the NMSI program works, and these schools are shining examples of what college and career ready centers should look like. They couldn’t be shining at a better time either, as nearly 1/4 of Alabama’s first-time community college students need remediation in math, which costs the state over $11 million each year. Furthermore, only 10% of African American students and 22.4% of Hispanic students graduate college in four years, ranking Alabama as 36th in the nation in terms of college graduate rates. But NMSI’s program has also seen incredible results with minorities:
◾For minority students, the average first year increase in qualifying math, science, and English AP scores was 141%, compared to 24.4% in Alabama, and 14.1% nationally.
◾For only math and science, qualifying AP scores for minorities increased 86%, compared to 24.5% in the rest of the state, and 16.2% nationally.
We are dedicated to changing the educational landscape of America and increasing the knowledge economy, and the success of these schools is just the first step to doing exactly that. AP+ College increases student success, and because the of the program,  Alabama is currently No. 1 in the nation for its increases in the number of passed AP exams over the course of five years. These results of this program are astounding, and the local new stations agree! Check out this awesome NBC coverage:

Congratulations again to all of the fantastic teachers and their passionate students for earning such amazing accomplishments! We can’t wait to see what this school year will bring.
Google Author: Timothy Huneycutt