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Digital Badges for Teachers?

There is a great primer on Digital Badges published by the Alliance for Excellent Education with help from Mozilla.  The basic premise behind digital badges is that it gives people a way to clearly demonstrate competencies acquired through all sorts of training. From the article - "A badge is a digital credential that represents an individual’s skills, interests, and achievements. Among other uses, badges can convey an individual student’s core academic content knowledge, as well as other twenty-first-century competencies that cannot be measured by traditional assessments."
At NMSI we see this as a great opportunity for teachers and are looking seriously at how best to use badges as teachers move through our teacher training program. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section!
"Badge issuers are individuals, schools, employers, institutions, communities, or groups that create credentials to demonstrate mastery of skills and achievements that are of particular value to the issuer. An issuer creates a set of competencies or curriculum and the assessments to determine if the earner has acquired the necessary skills for the badge. The badge issuer determines the criteria for a badge. A badge is hyperlinked to something that demonstrates the criteria for the badge and evidence such as an artifact, testimonial or document."
For NMSI teacher training, NMSI would issue badges for completion of each of the three years of training and the additional online common core training that is being created through the Gates Grant.
"Badge consumers are formal and informal education providers, individuals, employers, communities, or other groups that have a need for, or interest in, people with the skills and achievements symbolized by a badge. In some cases, an issuer may also be the consumer." In K-12, this could be school districts and principals who want to see life-long learners leading their classrooms. 
"Badge earners are individuals who are learning and want to demonstrate a complete picture of their skills and accomplishments to various audiences."  In our case, teachers completing the different modules and demonstrating their use in the classroom would earn badges from NMSI.
NMSI continues to look at badges as a way to recognize the teachers who complete the rigorous training we provide and then use it in their classrooms to increase student achievement.  More to come - - but we would love to hear what you think