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The T in STEM

This week, there is a computer science summit hosted by the STEM Connector focused on the forgotten "T" in STEM - technology.  There will be a lot more on the subject from NMSI in the coming weeks and we will be sending updates from the summit but here are facts -
•60% of the jobs in STEM are in computer science yet only 2% of the total AP classes are in computer science
•Computer science jobs have an average wage of over $90,000
•A mere 19% of those taking Computer Science AP were women - compared to 49% in Calculus
•In the entire country - only 233 African-American and 569 Hispanic students passed AP Computer Science - in the entire country!
There has been a slight increase this year and part of that is due to NMSI schools making a difference for students.  For more, check out our friends at Code.org and don't forget to show your students the video - over 10.7 million have already watched.