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The Power of Partnerships in STEM

Last week, several members of the NMSI team joined educators, policymakers, journalists and nonprofit leaders to discuss the future of STEM education and industry at the U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference in San Diego.
During a session called "The Power of Partnerships: Supporting Student Achievement in STEM", NMSI Interim CEO Matthew Randazzo joined a panel of experts including Camylle Coley, senior advisor to the director for the Department of Basic Research Office (ByteCubed LLC) and Sarah Moynes, an AP® Biology teacher at San Diego's Serra High School.
The speakers highlighted how the College Readiness Program is working across the country in schools like Serra High School to improve teacher effectiveness and prepare more students for success with rigorous coursework, as Sarah Moynes shared how the program helped her transform her classroom. Panelists also explored the ways in which public-private collaboration, like NMSI's partnership with the Department of Defense to expand the College Readiness Program to 200 military-connected schools, plays a crucial role in ensuring high-quality STEM education for more students. Read more from the session at usnews.com.
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