College Readiness
54% of high school grads aren’t ready for college math. With the right math teacher training, you can ensure all of your students are prepared for success.

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College Readiness Program

NMSI’s College Readiness Program is a comprehensive approach that increases teacher effectiveness and student achievement in rigorous math and science courses through training, teacher and student support, vertical teaming, open enrollment, and incentives. 

The NMSI program has had a profound effect on my students’ scores and enrollment as well.  Just in one year of participating in the program, my students’ number of qualifying scores on the AP exam more than doubled.  Following this achievement, enrollment for this year doubled.  Additionally, I found that my students seemed more connected and more excited about chemistry while participating in the NMSI program."
- Lauren Meyer, AP Chemistry Teacher at   Woodbridge High School in Virginia

Our College Readiness Program dramatically increases the number of students taking and passing AP math, science, and English exams, and expands access to traditionally under-represented students. 

Focus on Military Families

Our Military Service members sacrifice so much for this country – a great education for their children should not be one of those sacrifices. 

In 2010, with generous funding from the Lockheed Martin Corporation, NMSI began transforming schools who serve military families and the results have been stunning. In 2012, schools in our program for military families were state leaders in the increase of qualifying AP math, science and English scores. For example, our two schools in Oklahoma accounted for 35% of the entire state’s increase in qualifying Advanced Placement scores while our four schools in Hawaii accounted for 89% of the entire state’s increase in qualifying AP scores. 

There are still over 200 schools that need this program and we are looking for partners who want to send this great message to military families.

Why is mastering AP coursework so important and transformative?  

The AP curriculum is the best indicator available of whether students are prepared for college-level work.  Students who master AP courses are three times more likely to graduate from college. For minority students, that multiplier is even greater: African-American and Hispanic students who succeed in AP courses are four times more likely to graduate from college.

How does our College Readiness Program make a difference?

Students in our program learn to set goals. They spend more time on task. Their teachers receive specialized training and classroom resources.  Both students and teachers are given incentives to work smart and produce results.   The return on that investment is many more American young people are equipped with the skills that today’s high tech economy demands.

We know what works:

NMSI’s College Readiness Program is now boosting academic achievement in over 550 schools in 22 states -- from Connecticut to California.  We are changing school leadership expectations of students by encouraging more students to take college-level courses and then equipping them to succeed.  We are raising the academic bar in public schools by demonstrating that more students can master rigorous AP coursework.

The first six states to implement our program all finished in the top 10 nationally for the percentage increase in passing math, science and English AP scores since 2008, the year our grant began.

Transforming School Culture: 

We are changing the lives of tens of thousands of students.

NMSI’s College Readiness Program is increasing the performance of all students and closing the achievement gap for under-represented groups at the same time.  

If an African-American or Latino child passes one AP course, their chances of graduating from college greatly increase. You are not only preparing mathematicians and scientists. You are preparing children to graduate from college. There’s a huge bias that assumes kids in inner-city schools can’t handle AP courses. But this program shows you can triple or quadruple the high school students taking AP courses in one year.”
- Tom Luce, Former CEO, NMSI

In Hawaii, the first four high schools to implement NMSI's College Readiness Program -- Mililani, Radford, Campbell and Leilehua high schools -- accounted for 82 percent of the state’s increase in qualifying AP math, science, and English scores in Hawaii.  The four schools ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the increase in the number of qualifying math, science, and English scores in the state. 

In Oklahoma, two of the first two high schools implementing NMSI's College Readiness Program -- Carl Albert and Eisenhower High Schools -- have produced a combined 69 percent increase in qualifying scores on Advanced Placement* math, science, and English scores in the first year of the program – 26 times the rest of the state’s average. The two NMSI schools accounted for 35 percent of the state’s increase in qualifying AP math, science and English scores.  Eisenhower led the state in qualifying scores in AP math, science, and English among African-Americans and Hispanics.  Carl Albert High School was one of the state’s top achievers, with a 254 percent increase in qualifying scores in AP math and science exams.

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board.

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