Think that teacher training isn't for you? We bet you haven't been through National Math and Science Initiative's program. Let us show you the power of great teacher education training.

Teacher Education Training that Takes Your Students Further

This is not your typical teacher training program.

Do you groan at the idea of teacher education training? Have boring teacher training sessions rubbed you the wrong way? The National Math and Science Initiative is here to give you a different professional development experience.
"NMSI’s teacher training takes all of the stuff you already know, and shows you how to teach students. It shows you how to break it down into manageable parts so that you’re able to walk them through those steps of thinking that you yourself know how to do. But to teach someone how to do that is difficult, and NMSI shows you how by allowing you to collaborate with others who teach the same subject and the same grade level. You get ideas that you never would have thought of before on your own."
- Leta Simpson, Junior High Language Arts Teacher
We believe in providing engaging professional development opportunities for teachers. Since 2001, over 49,000 teachers have completed our Laying the Foundation program, and the results have been amazing. More students are taking AP classes. Getting college credit from their AP exam scores. Graduating from high school and entering higher education. Choosing STEM fields.

This is teacher education training that really does transform teaching.

National Math and Science Initiative's teacher education training provides the complete package:

      • Hands-on and engaging teacher education training
      • Innovative teacher workshops
      • Rigorous, online classroom-ready lessons
      • Common Core resources
      • Vertical alignment across grade levels
      • Ongoing support from expert teachers
      • A focus on STEM education
      • And much more!
Through our three-year Laying the Foundation program, we give mathscience, and English teachers the keys to classroom success. We help you with teaching strategies and content knowledge. And we share the tools to get students college ready.

It's time to take your classroom to the next level. Learn how National Math and Science Initiative's Laying the Foundation program will get you there.

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“As a high poverty, high minority district, we’ve been able to use the program and the training we’ve been provided to really make a difference for students." 

–Kirk Lewis, Superintendent of Pasadena Independent School District