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54% of high school grads aren’t ready for college math. With the right math teacher training, you can ensure all of your students are prepared for success.

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Research and Results


Research & Results Infographic

The results are in! Get a look at how NMSI’s scores outpaced the nation and the immediate impact this has on students’ lives in the U.S.
Download NMSI Research & Results Infographic

AP Program Impact

The Program increases dramatically in the number of students taking and passing AP math, science and English exams, and expands access to traditionally under-represented students

 NMSI’s AP program also dramatically increases college readiness. Students passing AP exams are three times more likely to earn a college degree than students who do not pass. African-American and Hispanic students who pass an AP exam are four times more likely to earn a college degree than those who do not pass. Furthermore, a 2010 study conducted by Dr. C. Kirabo Jackson found that NMSI students were 22 percent more likely to continue in college than students not enrolled in the program. 

Everyone talks about closing the achievement gap, but NMSI’s Comprehensive AP Program is doing it, changing the lives of tens of thousands of students in the process. And while the immediate impact is astounding enough, schools that have fully implemented the three-year program have seen the number of passing AP scores for African American and Hispanic students triple, and the number of passing scores for female students triple as well. 


The UTeach program enables students majoring in math, science, computer science, or engineering to receive full teaching certification without adding time or cost to their STEM degrees. UTeach graduates, nearly half of whom choose to teach in high-poverty schools, are well prepared to boost students’ math and science literacy, equipping them to function in a society that is increasingly dependent on science and technology.

The program has grown from 1,100 math and science majors in the first cohort to more than 6,000 students on 34 campuses in 2012.

“We’ve all been trained as math teachers and so we have that basic foundation of how to teach a child, but it just has allowed us to go one step further and shows us multiple ways to differentiate for our students, because we have so many different learners. So, it just takes it one step further, and I’ve really, really enjoyed all the different ways they’ve presented the material to us.” - Kristen McMeen, UTeach Student

Teacher Training

This year, make professional development for teachers more than just another item to check off the list. Turn your students’ hopes of getting into college a reality by ensuring that their teachers know exactly how to get them there.

With minimal effort on your end, you can create a culture of success in your school. Invest in school-wide professional development that provides unparalleled teacher training results.

The NMSI Teacher Training Results

“It’s great for the teachers, it’s great for the district as a whole, but it’s amazing for those kids.” - Dr. Kirk Lewis, Superintendent

It’s fulfilling to see your staff passionate about teaching and committed to excellence. But to see your students making huge gains in academic achievement – that’s a feeling that surpasses all else. Pasadena ISD superintendent, Dr. Lewis, experienced this when his district began NMSI Teacher Training (previously known as LTF Teacher Training):

Pasadena Case Study

Pasadena ISD serves a large percentage of economically disadvantaged students that will be first-generation college graduates. Spurred by a local desire to improve its students’ circumstances administrators and teachers moved to an open access policy for their Advanced Placement... Download Case Study *revised 12/10/2012

“The icing on the cake is our SAT scores have gone up…That is significant because we have had a steady decline in our SAT scores and all of a sudden the state’s scores go down, the nation goes down, but not Pasadena. Our scores have gone up tremendously.”
- Patricia Sermas, Director of Advanced Academics, AVID, and Student Assessment

Want to know the real gift that keeps on giving? It’s the teacher training that keeps on paying for itself, long after the training sessions have ended. When teachers attend our training events, they come back to their schools ready to leave a legacy. They become leaders in their districts as they mentor other teachers and equip future generations of students for success.

“About 75% of this last session of kids that took the AP test made a 3 or higher. We’ve never had those numbers before.” - Mike Milstead, Principal

The students of Ruston High School have also made headway in several other areas. “We’ve increased the number of kids that are taking the AP test by about 60%,” says Principal Milstead. “Our graduation rate has gone from about 71 or 72% four or five years ago to 92.6% this past year.” He goes onto say, “Our School Performance last year was about 90. This past year it was 119.7.” Watch this video for some more noteworthy results:

Ruston Case Study

Teachers and administrators at Ruston High School in northern Louisiana needed a seamless transition from middle school English to AP curriculum. In 2009, a group of English teachers from across the Lincoln Parish district attended their first NMSI Teacher Training. The increase in student performance... Download case study

“One of the biggest benefits to kids is that they are better prepared for what they see when they walk out of our doors.” - Melissa Allen, Assistant Principal and AP Coordinator

The transition from high school to college can be tough. Between the dorms, new friends, leaving home, and being out on their own, students are under some serious stress. Relieve some of that burden by preparing your students for the academic rigor they’ll experience in college – and do that by sending your teachers to our training events, where they’ll be immersed in a philosophy of college readiness.

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