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The Common Core State Standards have been around for a few years now, but districts keep asking this question: "How do we implement Common Core?" The National Math and Science Initiative's Common Core State Standards training and lessons is the answer.

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Common Core State Standards Training and Lessons

Implementing Common Core State Standards is a challenge, but teachers who are ready will see incredible success for their students. Having a Common Core standards aligned curriculum is a great first step, but districts and teachers need the critical bridge that takes the curriculum into the classroom. 

National Math and Science Initiative teacher training helps teachers build that bridge by creating a coherent, content-based, pedagogy-driven strategy to bring the Common Core aligned curriculum to life in the classroom.  

Does NMSI have the expertise in Common Core? The National Math and Science Initiative is nationally recognized as a Common Core State Standards training provider. In 2012, NMSI was selected to work with the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) consortium to lead Common Core State Standards training in 22 states and create the Educator Leader Cadre. In addition, NMSI has a track record of producing unrivaled results, and a recent survey revealed that 85% of NMSI respondents have incorporated CCSS into their teaching, compared to 55% nationally.

Here's what teachers and administrators are saying about the Common Core State Standards training provided by the National Math and Science Initiative (previously known as Laying the Foundation):

"Rigor really takes [learning] to the next level, and that’s what NMSI is all about; taking it to that next level and going a little bit deeper, and in a state that uses Common Core, NMSI takes care of everything I’ve ever worried about. Because I know if I pull out a NMSI lesson, the Common Core Standards are taken care of." - Emily Steinmetz, High School Math Teacher

The time to get serious about implementing Common Core is now. Find out how NMSI's Common Core State Standards training, lessons and resources can meet the needs of your district.

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