Why STEM? 

NMSI believes science, technology, engineering and math education is the greatest lever to accessing opportunity and is unmatched in unlocking student potential.  

How does NMSI support STEM learning?

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STEM Increases Opportunity 

Consistent, high-quality STEM education builds critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills - attributes students need for every career and community endeavor. STEM education broadens access to many opportunities, including:  

Growing job markets 

The number of STEM jobs continue to rise - outpacing other career paths

Higher salaries and job security

Careers in STEM typically offer higher salaries than non-STEM occupations

Digital literacy

STEM education builds strong digital skills students can carry throughout their career

Building STEM Educator Capacity

Highly skilled educators have an unmatched impact on student success and are estimated to have two to three times the effect of any other school support on student achievement. NMSI offers evidence-based professional development to equip educators with the skills and expertise needed to create outstanding STEM classrooms that encourage all students to succeed.

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"STEM is about the people using their brains and using their problem-solving skills. We have no idea what the future is going to hold - it's about how we can attack it, and how we can improve."
Justin Keyes, AP Chemistry Teacher 
York High School, VA
“The STEM classes really challenge you to think and work through critical problems, which I think is really important. I think you can apply STEM classes to a variety of different fields – not just related fields.”
Christina Toler, Student
Grovetown High School, GA
"We live in the digital age, and I think everything we do today is driven by computers and computing. Computer science has to be part of the general curriculum."
Art Lopez, District Curriculum Specialist for Computer Science 
Sweetwater High School, CA