Back-to-School Resources

Top resources for school leaders and educators to use throughout the school year




Free STEM Lesson Videos


STEM lessons created by NMSI coaches free for educators to use

For Administrators

How to Find Evidence-Based Professional Development

A guide to help leaders identify what to look for in an effective PD 

Vertical Teaming: Characteristics of Adult Learning

An infographic detailing methods of leading a team of teachers successfully 

Guide to COVID Relief Funds

Understand how to allocate your COVID relief funds into your teachers' professional development. Workbook available.

Culturally Responsive Education

A detailed blog with actionable suggestions on implementing CRE into your schools

For Teachers

Free STEM Lesson Videos

Free STEM lessons created by NMSI coaches 

Culturally Responsive Playbook

Build your students' STEM skills through their lived experiences

If/Then Collection

Free curriculum assets for 6th - 12th grade featuring women in STEM 

Not The Science Type

What does it mean to be a "science type"? Start a conversation with your class with these powerful short films. Discussion guides included



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