We’ve partnered with more than 600 school systems across 36 states and the District of Columbia to increase access to high-quality STEM education. Find out how we can contribute to your community. 

Transformation Starts With You

A successful partnership requires buy-in from everyone, including system-level leaders. We invite leaders to reach out to us through the Let's Connect options below.

We have a toolkit of information for teachers, parents and other community members to share with education leaders to introduce them to NMSI's services and solutions.

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Laying the Foundation

Professional development and classroom- ready resources designed for teachers of grades 3-12.

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College Readiness Program

Support for leaders, teachers and students aimed at increasing access and achievement in AP courses.

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CS AlignEd

A K-12 element of NMSI 365 for expanding computer science literacy and skills that engages teachers, school leaders and counselors. 

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NMSI works with university leaders to increase the number of highly qualified STEM teachers they produce. 

Customized Support

We work with school systems to deliver solutions that meet their unique needs and priorities. How can we help your community?

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"I felt like NMSI really taught me new things that I missed the first time we learned it with our regular teacher. And it helped to see a different perspective to approach different problems."
Anthony Munoz, student 
IDEA College Prep San Juan, TX
“Even though only 2% of all physicians are black women, I grew up always having doctors that looked like me and I looked up to them. I want to be that role model for other little girls and let them know that they can be whatever they dream of.”
Breanna Ramsay, student
​Wayne State University, MI
“I teach at a predominantly Latino school - my campus has the highest number of ESL or ELL population students. I feel like I grew exponentially in terms of how to deliver the content and how to close some of those gaps that a lot of my students have."
Luis Gonzalez, AP English teacher
Irving High School, TX
"For us, the biggest piece was a cultural change. That would not have been able to happen as quickly and to the same level as if we didn't have those professional developments and collaboration time and intervention."
April Ragland, Assistant Principal
Peters Township High School, PA
"I've never felt like I was just in this alone. I always felt like I had the resources that I needed, and that NMSI was always there for me, to help me be successful in the classroom."
Shona Brown, District Instructional Coach
Mesquite ISD, TX
“Access, opportunity, and expectation all go together. When you can inspire a child and show that they have access, it's amazing what comes.”
Ricardo Lopez, Superintendent
Garland ISD, TX
“This generation isn't just about achieving success anymore - it's about becoming a CEO, an entrepreneur, being able to own your own business. In order to do that you need to have the abilities that AP classes give you."
Adrian Ruano, student
Barbara Goleman High School, FL