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The Reviews Are In What Teachers Are Saying About NMSI Training (On Twitter!)

This summer, NMSI has trained nearly 4,000 math, science and English teachers in more than a dozen states across the nation. While we typically receive feedback on our trainings in the form of end-of-course surveys, we decided to also reach out on Twitter and ask our teachers directly about their training experiences. They responded with such excitement and enthusiasm that we couldn’t resist sharing their reactions.
Alannah Grande kicked things off by sharing a picture of a 6th-10th grade English student activity that she and her fellow trainees got to learn first-hand – the Post-mortem of a Protagonist:
We also received positive feedback from another one of our English teachers, Katie Mullinax...
... who also had this to say!
As for take-home lessons among math and science teachers, Lorraine Perez believes "teachers need to embrace change."
Mickie Gibbs was energized by her math training:
Even our trainers were excited about the training! This tweet came from one of our English experts:
And Alannah returned to sum everything up with this tweet:
Some teachers detailed their enriching experiences through blog posts of their own. Expanding on her tweet above, Mickie Gibbs wrote that "the best part of the week was the collaboration... Attitudes were positive. We laughed and had a good time. We shared with and learned from each other." And English teacher Pat Austin noted that she feels more enthusiastic than she has in years about starting a new year. “This training has shown me new techniques and strategies for my kids than I could ever have imagined,” she wrote.
Thankfully, not all of our summer institutes are over just yet! We still have a couple more sessions before the school year starts, so don't wait any longer! Register for training and join our amazing family of NMSI teachers.