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NMSI CEO on Building the Workforce of the Future

In a recent article in The Digitalist Magazine, Shelly Dutton explains that success in today’s global, knowledge-based economy requires innovation that is quick, creative, and productive — and that to achieve this state, businesses need to acquire diverse skills and backgrounds. But first, the emerging workforce must access quality education that can help them build a skill set relevant to this highly digital world.
“Fewer educated people, especially in STEM fields, will drive up labor costs by dramatically increasing competition for STEM-proficient workers and will further widen the opportunity gap between developed and developing nations. Over time, this not only destabilizes the global economy but it has the potential to further destabilize peace and safety in both developing and developed countries,” warns NMSI CEO Matthew Randazzo.
Teachers, education consortiums, governments, and nongovernmental organizations cannot secure the education of every school-age child on their own. Business executives of all industries need to join the cause by influencing education policies and investments. Read on to find out how:
 “4 Things Your Business Can Do Right Now To Build The 2030 Workforce”