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National Math + Science Initiative Announces New President

The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) is pleased to name Gregg Fleisher as its new President. Fleisher, who has been with NMSI since its launch in 2007, transitions into this role after serving as NMSI's Chief Academic Officer.
"Gregg's continued commitment to improving student achievement has profoundly affected NMSI's success. We are honored to have such a knowledgeable and innovative expert leading us into the next chapter of NMSI's growth," said Matthew Randazzo, CEO of NMSI.
Fleisher, whose career in education began as an Advanced Placement calculus teacher in Dallas, exemplifies the balance of personal connection and academic scrutiny that drives meaningful improvements in student success and teacher effectiveness. In 1995, Fleisher was one of the teachers who helped philanthropist Peter O'Donnell launch and expand what is now NMSI's College Readiness Program (CRP). In 2000, he led the nonprofit Advanced Placement Strategies (APS), which expanded CRP to hundreds of schools across Texas with an emphasis on serving students traditionally underrepresented in math and science. The tremendous success of APS at advancing student achievement in Dallas and across the state ultimately led to a major investment from ExxonMobil to scale CRP and other proven educational programs nationwide.
Fleisher continued his leadership role when he joined NMSI in 2007 to oversee the $79 million in grants awarded to nonprofit organizations in six states to replicate CRP and reach thousands of new students. The program has since been implemented in nearly 800 schools across 30 states from coast to coast. As Chief Academic Officer, Fleisher was responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight of CRP as well as NMSI's Laying the Foundation Teacher Training Program for teachers of grades 3-12 and UTeach