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Learning happens in and out of classrooms and requires the right policies and resources to flourish. Our programs address the full spectrum of needs. Support is available 365 days a year and can be customized for any school system.

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Our Programs

NMSI works at the school-system and campus levels to facilitate lasting change driven by local needs and priorities. From providing evidence-based interventions to community events and impactful training, our preK-12+ approach helps schools transform into centers of equity and excellence for all students.

Early Exposure

 Laying the Foundation provides continuous content development and culturally relevant instructional strategies for teachers in grades 3-12 to prepare students for college-level courses in high school.

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Pathway to College

The College Readiness Program empowers sustainable changes at the school system-, campus- and classroom-levels to better prepare all students for college and beyond. 

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Focus on K-12 Computer Science

CS AlignEd brings together local teams of administrators, academic counselors and K-12 teachers to develop a system-wide approach to computer science education, delivered through integrated lessons in other disciplines and stand-alone courses.

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Prepping the Teacher Pipeline

UTeach and HBCUTeach partners with colleges and universities to deliver teacher preparation programs that allow math and science undergraduates to earn their teaching certification within the same four years without additional costs, putting more highly qualified teachers into classrooms.

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Locally driven solutions

NMSI's programs are easily combined and customized to meet the unique needs of your students, educators and community.

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