Professional Development
Our Teaching and Learning staff and part-time educational coaches work with Pre-K-12 educators at all levels to enhance content knowledge and pedogogical skills, and to develop leadership practices in and out of the classroom.

Curriculum Supports
NMSI gives classroom teachers planning and assessment resources, as well as culturally responsive classroom lessons and supplies to engage students in their learning.

Teacher Villages
NMSI’s Teacher Villages provide private forums to collaborate, problem-solve and network with like-minded educators across the country with access to expert coaches who manage the groups.

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On-Demand Study
Advanced Placement students at NMSI partner schools have anytime-access to resources, such as self-assessment tools, study guides, videos and other material to drive their learning.

Online Classes
Through a partnership with VHS Learning, NMSI increases access to AP courses in communities that struggle to provide local options. NMSI’s study resources and educational coaches ensure students have the support they need for success.

Enrichment and Acceleration
Students and families can experience hands-on STEM learning through public or private “STEM Adventures,” which feature fun learning opportunities provided by NMSI and NMSI partners.

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Our Programmatic Partnerships Team – made up of experienced educators – works directly with system and campus leaders to develop sustainable plans that focus on welcoming and empowering all students in advanced learning, particularly in STEM, and to ensure classroom educators and leaders have the support and continuous development they need to drive student success.

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The Programmatic Partnerships Team helps systems and campus enact and grow policies and practices that ensure the make up of students and teachers seated and successful in advanced courses reflect the community. 

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We build and mold our training according to your schools' needs and provide 365 days of support so everyone succeeds.

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