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NMSI works with administrators, counselors and principals to create policies and sustainable practices that empower consistent, high-quality education in STEM. This prepares all students to meet their full potential as critical thinkers and problem-solvers who pursue STEM careers or use STEM skills to effect positive change.
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Helping You Create Lasting Change

We know systemic change takes more than classroom resources and trainings. That's why we take a holistic approach - partnering with leaders, staff, students and communities - to create  long-term impact. Through NMSI 365, thought-partnership is available all year and our support can be customized for any school system.

Here's how our programs empower you to lead lasting change:

CS AlignEd

An element of NMSI 365, CS AlignEd brings together local teams of administrators, school counselors and teachers to develop comprehensive K-12 computer science education. Learning can be delivered through integrated courses, stand-alone classes or a combination. The program builds understanding for the value of computer science learning and collaboration across school systems.

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College Readiness Program

A hallmark of NMSI’s College Readiness Program is year-round collaboration with district and campus administrators. We work alongside leaders to develop equitable mindsets, ensure local practices support all students and teachers and build sustainable advanced programs. This includes annual AP Leadership Institutes that focus on growing successful AP programs.

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Laying the Foundation
NMSI's Laying the Foundation supports teachers in grades 3-12 by providing hands-on training, vertical teaming strategies, culturally responsive classroom resources and small-group support through a blend of in-person and virtual delivery. Our trainings and materials create alignment across grade levels to ensure students experience a seamless transition to advanced courses.

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NMSI works with university leaders who want to increase the number of highly qualified STEM teachers they produce. We do this in collaboration with the UTeach Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, providing support and guidance for schools of math, science and education to develop their own UTeach program.

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Leadership Institutes
Based on NMSI’s highly regarded AP Leadership Institutes, NMSI is building evidenced-based curriculum for Leadership Institutes focused on equity and success in and out of AP programs.

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A Guide To ESSER Funds
We've built a worksheet to help school leaders understand how they can best use Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds to recover from the interruptions of COVID-19 and propel all students' learning.

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"For us, the biggest piece was a cultural change. That would not have been able to happen as quickly and to the same level as if we didn't have those professional developments and collaboration time and intervention."
April Ragland, Assistant Principal
Peters Township High School, PA

"What I've seen is that the culture and the belief system have shifted to a college-for-all mentality. A lot of it is the strategic structure in the partnership with NMSI."
Ricardo Lopez, Superintendent
Garland ISD, TX
"NMSI is very hands-on. They walk through the process with you. They are very flexible and make adjustments as needed."
Paul Jackson, Assistant Principal
Scotlandville Magnet High School, LA
"The challenges I'm better able to tackle because of NMSI are things like recruiting for advanced placement programs, recruiting teachers, recruiting students. Going in and telling a student, 'We've got support for you. You'll be okay. Let's try this.'"
Sue Arredondo, Academic Dean
Wagner High School, TX