The skills and dispositions learned through computer science education are valuable to all students - no matter what their futures hold. And yet, few school systems have comprehensive computer science curriculum and female, Black and Latino students are significantly underrepresented in those courses.

I want to bring CS AlignEd to my district.

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I want to support computer science education.

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CS AlignEd is a program element of NMSI 365 that delivers support for teachers, students, administrators and counselors through a NMSI-led coalition of evidenced-based organizations that bring unique resources to the school systems we serve.

CS AlignEd provides:

Experienced partners to help develop rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science pathways.

High-quality, evidenced-based computer science professional development and support throughout the year.

Vertical teams training and implementation resources to ensure curricular cohesion across all grade levels.

Customized approaches ranging from computer science embedded across disciplines to free-standing courses.

Program Partners


"We live in the digital age, and I think everything we do today is driven by computers and computing. Computer science has to be part of the general curriculum."
Art Lopez, District Curriculum Specialist for Computer Science 
Sweetwater High School, CA
“I think the problem-solving skills that we needed to have in AP Computer Science was really interesting to me. It’s the best feeling ever when you complete a problem — it’s very rewarding and really captured my attention.”
Christina Toler, student
Grovetown High School, GA
“I volunteered to take on the venture of AP Computer Science because I believe in it, and I believe in NMSI. We got a ton of resources, and those resources are going to turn into achievement.” 
Kevin Gallagher, AP Computer Science teacher
Keystone Oaks High School, PA