American schools need more teachers, especially teachers of color in STEM. That's why NMSI works with the UTeach Institute at the University of Texas at Austin to expand the renowned UTeach STEM teacher preparation program. 

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Broad Reach

NMSI and the UTeach Institute have collaborated with leaders at 45 universities to create UTeach programs across the country. Today, 11 Historically Black Colleges and Universities are working with us to create unique UTeach progams that will greatly increase the number of highly qualified Black STEM teachers in American schools.

High Impact

As of spring 2019, more than 5,200 graduates had completed the UTeach program, earning bachelor degrees in STEM and teaching certifications. About 70% of them work in schools that serve lower-income communities.

Students of UTeach teachers gain the equivalent of 5.7 additional months of learning in science.

Latino students and economically disadvantaged students gain the equivalent of 5 extra months of learning in biology.
Students of UTeach teachers gain the equivalent of 4 additional months of learning in math.


“UTeach set me up for inquiry-based learning. Imagine entire schools, districts, and states filled with educators who understand how education should be for students with effective, research-based teaching."
Muhammad Jan, Biology teacher
Woodlawn High School, AL
Graduated from University of Alabama at Birmingham
"We're learning inquiry-based teaching all throughout UTeach. It's been amazing."
Malena Johnson, college student
University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL
"UTeach actually got me to where I am today, because at first I didn't know what I wanted to do. It was a great experience designing lesson plans, interacting with kids and seeing where their minds are."
Andrew Marichal, Biology teacher
Cooper City High School, FL
Graduated from Florida International University