Today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators and problem solvers. We provide a foundation of STEM skills and mindsets for all students, especially those furthest from opportunity, so they can pursue their passions and solve the world’s toughest challenges.
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We Exist to Support Students

NMSI is committed to supporting all students, especially those furthest from opportunity. We directly serve high school students through live and on-demand study supports.

For students in AP-focused College Readiness Program, we also provide unique study resources, exam subsidies and supplies. Students access their study supports directly in Blackboard


We now have on-demand study materials for AP math, science and English students who don't currently attend NMSI partner schools. 

NMSI’s on-demand study resources combine original materials created by NMSI’s expert teachers with the best of free public resources that we have pulled into a single, easy-to-access system. All the material is aligned to the College Board’s current AP course description and exams. Learn more and get your NMSI study resources today.

STEM Adventures

Outside of school, we host engaging opportunities for families to experience STEM skills through our preK-12 STEM Adventures.
In addition to working directly with students and families, we:

Equip Teachers
We empower teachers leading grades 3-12 and AP courses with the resources, strategies and skills necessary for student success.

Change Mindsets

We partner with district leaders to identify and dismantle system-level barriers, increasing equity and access to high-quality STEM education.

Elevate Education
We engage community leaders and elected officials at local, regional and national levels to ensure policies that support success.

Upcoming Events

NMSI hosts events for families, students, school leaders and teachers. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the latest information on what we’re offering next.  
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Looking for extra study support? Check out some of our curated resources:


“NMSI Coaches set aside time to work with us on problems or things we are confused about and are very supportive. I really enjoy working with them."
Catherine Schlosser, student
St. Mary's Central High School, ND
“One-on-one time with our teachers is kind of difficult to attain this year. So, we had one-on-one time with the [NMSI] teachers. That really helped us understand some difficult concepts.”
Josue Casco-Rodriguez, student
Woodlawn High School, LA
“NMSI was extremely helpful. I don't think I'd pass the test without NMSI, in all honesty."
Nicole Jackson, student
Renaissance High School, MI