From classroom-ready lessons to vertical team training and small-group support, NMSI delivers high-quality resources for teachers that are developed by teachers. Our Teaching and Learning team – including more than 400 current and retired teachers – have track records of leading students to success across STEM, arts and humanities.
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Empowering Teachers

Impactful teachers stay in the classroom longer when they are supported with training and resources that benefit their students. NMSI 365 offers year-round support with flexible training, planning assistance and just-in-time resources.

Grades 3-12

NMSI’s Laying the Foundation offers hands-on training in engaging lessons, vertical alignment and continuing development of content mastery.

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Advanced Placement

NMSI’s College Readiness Program ensures teachers are prepared to lead successful AP courses with hands-on training, scoring insight and development of content mastery.

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K-12 Computer Science

CS AlignEd builds content mastery for computer science teachers and provides hands-on experience in delivering engaging lessons.

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