From classroom-ready lessons to vertical team training and small-group support, NMSI delivers high-quality resources for teachers that are developed by teachers. Our Teaching and Learning team – including more than 400 current and retired teachers – have track records of leading students to success across STEM, arts and humanities.
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Empowering Teachers

Impactful teachers stay in the classroom longer when they are supported with training and resources that benefit their students. NMSI 365 offers year-round support with flexible training, planning assistance and just-in-time resources.

Grades 3-12

NMSI’s Laying the Foundation offers hands-on training in engaging lessons, vertical alignment and continuing development of content mastery.

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Advanced Placement

NMSI’s College Readiness Program ensures teachers are prepared to lead successful AP courses with hands-on training, scoring insight and development of content mastery.

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K-12 Computer Science

CS AlignEd builds content mastery for computer science teachers and provides hands-on experience in delivering engaging lessons.

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“What I’ve thoroughly loved about NMSI is the professional development I receive. I’ve learned how to scaffold, how to differentiate, how to teach the skills necessary for my students to find success.”
Denise King, English teacher 
Maynard H. Jackson High School, GA
"We have a lot of small group discussion from teachers around the country, just sharing ideas so it's been really good to collaborate with like-minded teachers."
Tony Claudio, AP Computer Science Principles
Olympian High School, CA
"We just get different ways to explain the material better and we just keep improving. For a newer teacher like myself, it's really nice. I think if I didn't have NMSI, I probably would be a little bit more lost."
Stephanie Kosub, AP Statistics teacher
East Central High School, TX
"NMSI training is a foundation to stand on. Working with colleagues from all over the country, I always learn something in a different way or think, ‘Wow. That’s awesome. I’m totally going to use that.’”
Cory Loveless, AP Calculus Teacher
West Fargo High School, ND