Art and humanities are strong introductions to the rigor of advanced education. They provide opportunities to practice STEM disciplines and help prepare students to be fully rounded members of their communities. 

Why does NMSI focus so closely on STEM?

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Supporting Arts and Humanities

NMSI offers its full range of proven supports for schools, teachers and students in three AP arts courses and six AP humanities courses: Art History, Art and Design, Music Theory, World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government and Politics, Human Geography, Psychology, and Seminar. 

We plan to expand our support of AP Spanish Language and Culture, which we currently offer in Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia schools.

Drawing Out Great Results

After three years in arts education, students score higher on math tests.

Nearly 60% of humanities majors have jobs that involve managing or supervising.

Arts students are 4X more likely to participate in a math and science fair.



“Studying the artwork, structures, beliefs and practices from diverse cultures throughout time and the world really creates a humanizing aspect. Students learn empathy by feeling what others feel in different situations and honoring and respecting them.”
Jeffrey Nisbet, AP Art History Teacher
Grapevine High School, TX
"I always thought I was only a math person. And then I took classes like AP Psychology, Art History, U.S. History, and World History. And I realized that I really enjoy learning about other places. It helps you open your mind to seeing, maybe, that you're not just what you thought you were."
Melina Redondo, student
Barbara Goleman High School, FL
"I always tell my students if they learn how to use your voices here in this classroom, they'll know how to use their voices out in their community. I tell them that in here we're practicing so that we can take it out and make our communities better, make our world better."
Shona Brown, District Instructional Coach
Mesquite ISD, TX