Extraordinary learning starts with extraordinary teachers. NMSI’s Laying the Foundation empowers teachers in grades 3-12 to build and maintain subject matter expertise, enhance their leadership of diverse classrooms and propel students’ confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills.
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Teacher Training, Student Outcomes

Laying the Foundation is part of NMSI 365 – year-round and holistic support for teachers of grades 3-12.

Led by expert educators, Laying the Foundation helps teachers build and maintain subject matter expertise, enhance their leadership of diverse classrooms and prepare students to be confident, creative problem solvers.

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Through Laying the Foundation, NMSI provides hands-on training, vertical teaming strategies, culturally responsive classroom resources and small-group support through a blend of in-person and virtual delivery.


Students whose teachers use Laying the Foundation materials and instruction score significantly better on ACT Aspire™ math and reading assessments than their peers.


“What I’ve thoroughly loved about NMSI is the professional development I receive. I’ve learned how to scaffold, how to differentiate, how to teach the skills necessary for my students to find success.”
Denise King, English teacher 
Maynard H. Jackson High School, GA
“It has definitely provided the basis to be able to teach Calculus to my earlier students. Mathematics is a ladder, and I see the ladder much better with NMSI."
Mosum Trivedi, Calculus teacher
Cass Technical High School, MI
"It has just changed my life. It has changed my way of teaching. It's changed my understanding, it's changed how I teach math, it's just, I can't express how grateful I am to NMSI because it really put me on a different level."
Mary Beth Lawhorn, Calculus teacher
Desert High School, CA