Laying the Foundation Program

Our Laying the Foundation Program for teachers of grades 3-12, provides mathscience, and English teachers with the best content-based, pedagogy-driven, teacher-to-teacher training.  Training is held in the proper environment for the subject. We help educators with teaching strategies and content knowledge that increase rigor in the classroom and are aligned with state standards. Our training is more than just another professional development session; it's an event that offers educators a variety of opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and practice. Teachers who attend our training events receive:

  • Specialized, hands-on and engaging teacher training designed by expert educators for teachers of any level
  • Rigorous, online classroom-ready lessons
  • Vertical alignment across grade levels
  • Ongoing support from expert teachers
  • A focus on STEM education

Elementary Training (Grades 3-5): We offer elementary school teacher training for grades 3-5 in math, science, English, and social studies. Teachers work through model lessons and discuss strategies for engaging students with interesting content while building conceptual understanding. Content is vertically aligned to our middle and high school materials and includes interdisciplinary connections and Fine Arts enhancements.

Middle School and High School Training (Grades 6-12): Our secondary training for grades 6-12 is broken down by math, science and English.  Each discipline has its own program structure and a unique 12-module program. In mathematics training, teachers use graphing calculators, manipulatives, and collaborative activities to deepen their knowledge of mathematics, the vertical connections across grade levels, and the integration of math standards and practices. Science training is laboratory based with a focus on building conceptual understanding.  It includes strategies for building student skills in science literacy and the application of mathematics in science. Training for English teachers includes hands-on collaborative activities that model how to engage students with texts. Strategies for developing critical reading, writing, and thinking in students are modeled in training and applied by teachers.

Common Core Training: In 2012, NMSI was selected to work with the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) consortium to lead Common Core State Standards training in 22 states and create the Educator Leader Cadre. We provide in-classroom training and standards-aligned lessons to ensure that every student succeeds. Get FREE Common Core Resources here.

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NMSI’s experience has shown that empowering the teacher corps with training, resources and mentoring leads to high standards of academic excellence for all students.  

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