Training for Elementary

NMSI's Elementary Laying the Foundation Program Meets Common Core State Standards

The National Math + Science Initiative offers elementary school teacher training for grades 3-5 in math, science, English, and social studies. When you attend training, you will work through model lessons and discuss strategies for engaging students with interesting content, while building conceptual understanding. Content is vertically aligned to our middle and high school materials and includes interdisciplinary connections and Fine Arts enhancements.

The three-year training program consists of 12 individual days of training to be taken in chronological order. Our elementary training is broken into 2 separate training groups:

  • Math and Science: The math and science training and resources incorporate STEM designed investigations. You will empower your students through science by teaching them to observe and problem solve using real-world application of mathematical concepts.  
  • English and Social Studies: English Language Arts and social studies training equip you with tools to use complex text and relevant content to enhance student skills in reading, writing, and research. We introduce fun and engaging ways to make connections for students by reading non-fiction and literary works to tie together the disciplines.

You can pick one of these groups for training; however, you will have access to ALL online resources - including free lesson plans - for the elementary sessions across all four disciplines.

When you attend our elementary school teacher training events, you can expect training and resources that are:

  • Concrete, hands-on, and grounded in the Common Core State Standards
  • Research-based, content-focused, and pedagogy-driven
  • Vertically aligned to our middle and high school materials
  • Equipped with interdisciplinary connections and Fine Arts enhancements
  • Designed with rigorous and relevant acquisition of knowledge

To learn more about how this program has developed, and to gain some insight into the mindset and philosophy behind the training, check out our blog post that explains why it's important that teachers impact their students on cognitive, social, physical, and emotional levels.

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