Training for Math

NMSI's Math Laying the Foundation Program Meets Common Core State Standards

With the new Common Core State Standards for math, the stakes are high for math teachers. Use National Math + Science Initiative's math Laying the Foundation program to get your students college ready.

NMSI's Math LTF Program Benefits

National Math + Science Initiative's math LTF program is truly unique. When you attend our teacher training events, you get math teacher training that is:

  • Designed by expert math teachers for math teachers of any level
  • Hands-on, fun, and group-focused
  • Packed with classroom-ready tools to meet Common Core State Standards for math
  • Filled with math content tips and teaching tricks

And to further help you with your everyday practice, we also provide elementary, middle, and high school lesson plans, crafted by our subject matter experts, all of which are completely aligned with the Common Core.

Math LTF Program Results

In one district, the number of AP math, science, and English scores of 3 or higher increased by 206%. This happened in just five years with our teacher training program. Kirk Lewis, superintendent of the Texas district, said:

"Once teachers began to implement some of the strategies, they began to see real change – not only in themselves, but also in how the kids were responding."

You won't find math teacher training results like these anywhere else.

Math LTF Program Reviews

We provide the best math teacher training of its kind.