Training for Science

NMSI's Science Laying the Foundation Program Tops STEM Education Programs

If you want the best in STEM education programs, look no further than the National Math + Science Initiative's science Laying the Foundation program.

Science LTF Program Benefits

We understand the importance of a rigorous STEM education, and we know it is not always easy for teachers to provide. When you attend our teacher training events, you get science teacher training that is:

  • Designed with the science teacher's needs in mind
  • Hands-on, fun, and group-focused
  • Led by expert science teachers
  • Packed with classroom-ready tools to meet Common Core State Standards for math and English
  • Filled with science content tips and teaching tricks

Science LTF Program Results

Did you know...

  • 64% of high school grads aren’t ready for college science. 
  • 19 nations' students perform better than U.S. students in science. 

Have our country's STEM education programs failed us? Not necessarily.

National Math + Science Initiative's science LTF Program is leading the way in STEM education programs. Since starting our teacher training program, one Texas school district has seen a 200% increase in the number of AP Scholars. The state increase across the same six-year period was only 70%.

More students in that district are taking math, science, and English AP exams. And more students than ever before are getting scores of 3 or higher.

Science LTF Program Reviews

Here's what three science teachers are saying about our science teacher training: