What Teachers are Saying

Quotes from Our Teacher Training Program

Teachers across the country are raving about the impact of the National Math + Science Initiative’s Laying the Foundation Program!

My teaching in the classroom has drastically changed over the years by using NMSI materials. I feel like I am a much better teacher in the classroom through the lessons, the NMSI lessons, as well as going through the NMSI teacher training program.

Karen Knight, High School Math Teacher

Your students are your world – they are the reason you stay up late grading papers, head to school early to tutor, and remain at school long after the last bell rings to sponsor club meetings. NMSI’s Laying the Foundation Program is the gateway for your students to get into college and ultimately land great jobs.   

NMSI’s training is rigorous, because that’s what we talk about in the training from day one and I love it. I love that it encompasses everything from hands-on, to engaging, to inferencing, to higher level critical thinking questioning, to making suggestions about Bloom’s Taxonomy, to Webb’s, to Hess’, to all of the things we want education to really be about. We get to experience everything in the NMSI Training that the students will experience, so we have a bigger, better understanding.

Michelle Weiner, Methods Professor at UTD

Slip on a pair of goggles, crack open a book, or grab a calculator; the hands-on, interactive nature of our training events sets us apart from other “death by PowerPoint” education workshops. If you don’t enjoy learning something new, your students certainly won’t. Engaging students is the first step to college readiness!

This is our first year to push teachers into NMSI. I would love to see all the 9th grade teachers, the temporary teachers, of course the 11th and 12th grade teachers, work through the NMSI modules because it’s that vertical alignment that will strengthen the learner each year and give them the confidence that they have to be successful in the classroom.

Shawna Lynch, High School English Teacher

You didn’t become a teacher because you like education standards and end of course tests. You became a teacher because you’re passionate about students. With NMSI’s program, you get to keep doing what you love most – teaching – while we supply you with the resources and lessons you can embed into your curriculum to help you meet benchmarks and standards.

Probably my biggest takeaway is just the excitement, the new [resources], the new strategies that I get to not only share with other teachers but take back to my classroom and hopefully share with other teachers on my campus too; just the motivation and the excitement for that.

Julie McCurley, High School Chemistry Teacher

You’re the only one handing a specific set of knowledge and skills to your pre-college students. With great power comes great responsibility, right? NMSI’s Laying the Foundation events empower you to master your area of teaching – whether it’s math, science, or English – so that, in turn, your students can master their college entrance exams and applications.

Students, teachers, and administrators alike notice the difference that our training brings to the classroom: