UTeach Expansion Program

Experts estimate that our country will need 100,000 more math and science teachers by 2020, just six years from now. The UTeach program is answering the urgent call for more qualified math and science instructors by replicating the highly successful UTeach program for teacher education in American universities.   

The innovative UTeach model fosters collaboration between university science and education departments by breaking barriers between the traditional department “silos.” Partnerships are also being created with local school districts, providing UTeach students with intensive field experiences in their first year of the program and providing school districts with fresh talent and perspectives.

UTeach produces teachers who are confident and competent in their subject matter – and who want to stay in the classroom. Some 88 percent of UTeach graduates go on to teach in math and science classrooms, often in high-need schools. And five years later, 80 percent are still in schools, compared to 65 percent nationally. The UTeach Institute estimates that graduates of UTeach programs nationwide will have taught more than 4 million students by 2020, based on the average retention rate for UTeach graduates. It is anticipated that with future funding, UTeach can be expanded to 50 universities in the next decade, creating a new generation of math and science teachers for a highly competitive new era.

UTeach has generated unprecedented support from academic, corporate, philanthropic, and policymaker communities:

  • The Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU) has cited UTeach as an effective strategy for doubling production of highly trained STEM teacher graduates.
  • The landmark National Academies Commission report, “Rising Above the Gathering Storm,” recommended expansion of UTeach to meet the need for 10,000 new STEM teachers per year in the United States.
  • The Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) in its 2010 report to President Obama recommended significant expansion of UTeach to meet the growing need for quality STEM teachers.
  • Congress included the UTeach model when it reauthorized the America Competes Act in 2010.
  • UTeach was one of seven “best practice” programs spotlighted by the Change the Equation campaign launched in fall 2010 by the White House and 100 corporate CEOs to improve STEM education.
  • In June 2011, the Clinton Global Initiative selected NMSI to be part of a commitment by 28 organizations to produce 100,000 math and science teachers in 10 years; UTeach will be producing a significant portion of that goal.

With the shortage of STEM teachers growing by the year, a new way of recruiting and preparing math and science teachers has been much needed -- and UTeach is providing a bold and effective blueprint.

Learn more at the The UTeach Institute website.

Learn more at The UTeach Austin website.

Ten Reasons for Success: 

  1. Two career choices. UTeach provides preparation for full teaching certification for undergraduate majors earning math and science degrees without added cost or time. Graduates have more career flexibility and more job options. 
  2. Money saving. UTeach saves students money by providing the first two education courses free of charge. Students can explore a teaching career with no financial risk. 
  3. Time saving. The streamlined UTeach degree plan allows students to graduate in four years with a degree in math or science as well as fulfilled requirements for a teaching certificate. 
  4. Deep content knowledge. UTeach graduates have completed full coursework in their major subjects that will give them significant depth in subjects they will be teaching. 
  5. Experienced faculty. UTeach courses are taught by master teachers recognized for their teaching expertise who can guide students through their coursework as well as their practice sessions. 
  6. Early field experiences. UTeach students begin teaching before an elementary school class during their first semester – which places coursework in a meaningful context and helps students decide early in the process whether classroom teaching is a viable option for them. Most UTeach students find the experience inspiring and gratifying; the majority sign up for additional classes. 
  7. Personal attention and guidance. UTeach mentors help students prepare lesson plans, implement lab experiments, deal with classroom challenges, and discuss teaching techniques. After UTeach students graduate, the program continues to provide support, including in-class mentoring for the first year and access to advanced education degrees. 
  8. Highly qualified graduates. The University of Texas at Austin, which launched the first UTeach program in 1997, has doubled the number of math and science teachers produced by that university. Experience has shown that more than 88 percent of the UTeach graduates who receive certification go on to teach math and science, providing a valuable infusion of highly qualified teachers for America’s schools in these hard-to-staff fields. 
  9. Higher retention rates. UTeach students experience classroom teaching with a variety of age groups before they graduate, so that they have a realistic understanding of what to expect in the classroom as well as a solid grounding in their subject matter. More than 80 percent of UTeach graduates are still in the classroom after five years, compared with a 65 percent teacher retention rate nationally. 
  10. Cohort and alumni support. UTeach participants benefit from cohort support during their undergraduate study and will have a network of UTeach alumni contacts from the university replication sites around the country as they go forward in their careers.