NMSI’s new planning and classroom materials for AP teachers are designed to engage all students, regardless of where they live and how they’re learning.
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High-Quality Planning and Classroom Materials

Back to school is more difficult than ever. We’ve made planning much easier.  

Teachers can gain access to as many as 12 units of planning and classroom-ready materials for any of 12 AP® courses. The educative curricula include material designed by NMSI teachers who have track records of leading their AP® students to success. It also includes publicly available content that we have gathered, vetted and organized for you. 

Select a subject below to secure our first-year price — a one-time payment of $75 per course, per teacher.

Each unit contains:

NMSI-designed essential questions and enduring understandings

A student performance task

At least one formative assessment

Guidance on effective use of College Board unit resources

In addition to helping you plan and pace your teaching, our supports are designed to be adapted for diverse communities of students, making content relevant to students no matter where and how they live and regardless of whether they are in school or learning from home. 


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