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Insight on STEM education

Sara Martinez Tucker, CEO of NMSI, provides great insight on STEM education in the most recent edition of Education Week.  It’s evident that our “country is in trouble” – here are some key points included in the article:

•Growth in STEM jobs is growing at an incredible rate – our country is having a hard time finding workers skilled in math and science to take on these jobs

•Our country needs to graduate 1 million more professionals in STEM over the next decade to “stay competitive globally"

•Only 17% of degrees earned in the US are in STEM fields – 26% is the national average

•9.1% represents the number of college-educated African-Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans in the science and engineering workforce
To help our country gain their “competitive edge” and “prosper in a global economy” we need to work together to help make math and science “accessible for more young people.” Read the full article here, Education Week, We Must Create Opportunities for STEM Learning, by Sara Martinez Tucker, to learn how we can collaborate on these efforts.